is the online, interactive news site of Friendship News Network (FNN) by and for students in grades preK-12 at Friendship Public Charter School in Washington, DC. Since 2005, Friendship News Network student reporters have produced award-winning news, reviews, interviews, opinion and original work in print and online. FNN reporters have traveled the world—from New York to Fiji to Zambia, the Grand Canyon and much more. 

Attention Teachers and club sponsors! Showcase your class activities and field trips on Our staff can work with you to showcase class projects and portfolios online with templates, technical support and equipment so your students can learn to produce videos, photos and stories. FNN supports common core.

To create news about your class
or club,  contact FNN staff: 

FNN Director
Marilyn Kaufman                             

FNN Outreach Coordinator
Desiree Girelle

FNN Chamberlain Bureau
Kelly Scaringi

FNN Southeast Bureau                                                                                   Edna Jordan                                                                                            

FNN Tech Prep High School Bureau
Marilyn Kaufman

FNN Woodridge Bureau
La Tanya Manning                             

FNN Collegiate and Alumni Bureaus
Flonora Merritt

FNN Blow Pierce Bureau
Kia Jackson