Woodridge Celebrates Athletes During a Sports Banquet

Story and photos by DaPria Fell, FNN Blow Pierce Bureau.

JUNE 14, 2016: The Friendship Woodridge Academy honored its student athletes during their annual athletic banquet on Thursday, May 26, 2016.  The athletes were awarded for dance, basketball, volleyball, flag football, track, and cheerleading.

Each year the athletic department has a banquet to conclude a season of success. Parents as well as students are excited as they watch videos capturing special moments. The athletes got a chance to thank coaches, reflect on the year, and share some of their goals, and more importantly celebrate what the team has accomplished this year. This year, Coach Grant recognized all of the players and their value to the many teams. The basketball team was able to find something positive in each player and put a spotlight moments that highlighted individual character, traits, and special talent.

The cheerleaders were honored for their participation in the F.E.A.A. cheer competition, winning first place. Their second competition was Maryland National Champions Cheer Competition, and they won  first place. The last competition was the U.S. Finals in Virginia Beach, where the cheerleaders won third in their category.

The Friendship Woodridge dance team won first place in all their competitions, which were the Maryland National Champions Dance Competition, the 1st Place Finals National Cheer Competition, and the 1st Place Six Flags Dance Competition.

The middle school basketball team had a great season winning twelve games and losing only two. Also, the elementary school basketball team came out with three wins and two losses. The girls basketball team ended the season with three wins and seven losses. The flag football team had a great season as well. Our track team won the Girls 4 by 4 taking 1st place, Boys 4 by 4 taking 1st place, and the boys shot put taking 1st place. During the celebration, the students honored the sports director, Mr. Kenneth Grant with a special award for his collaborative efforts with all of the teams and dedication to the sports here at Woodridge. In addition to the student athletes being honored, the coaches were awarded with special gifts from their team members. The cheerleading coach, Ms. Jennifer Beckwith, won the Coach of the Year Award for her outstanding leadership.

At the end of the banquet, Coach Grant made his closing remarks by stating, “Our Woodridge Eagles are proud of the sportsmanship displayed by its players, coaches, and supporters. We value game as a healthy rivalry, and appreciate positive support offered by students and parents. Our players, coaches, and parents represent themselves and the school with class and pride.

Athletics is an important and integral part of the educational experience here at Woodridge. What an outstanding year of competitiveness and promoting teamwork amongst all of the students. Job well done to all!

DaPria Fell is a 6th Grade Scholar at Friendship Woodridge Academy.