Why You Should See Babak Najafi’s, Proud Mary

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Movie review by Makayal Starke. Image from freebeacon.com.

MAY 8, 2018: Proud Mary is about a hit-woman, Mary, who works for a crime family. During her journey as a professional hit woman, she had to take care of a young boy, Danny whose father was killed during a professional hit. Mary found Danny unconscious in an alley after he became a drug mule.

Proud Mary is an action movie, directed by Babak Najafi and released on January 12, 2018. Proud Mary takes place in Boston with Taraji P. Henson playing the main character, Mary, Jahi Di'Allo Winston playing Danny, Danny Glover playing Benny and Billy Brown playing Tom.

While taking care of Danny, Mary encounters many challenges in order to protect herself and Danny. The last challenge she faces is during a "talk" with Benny, the leader of a crime family and father of Tom.

Proud Mary shows that women are just as powerful as men. The movie showed Mary killing or defeating more people than the men while taking care of a child. This is important to me because many women are not successful because they believe they can’t do something because they are not “strong” or “powerful” enough to do it. This movie had a lot of violence but it is relatable because it shows what women go through. Many women go through being sacrificed for the sake of a man, or just anyone in general.  Sometimes, women are even forced to do things they don’t want to do. This movie may give them the encouragement or strength they need to not let anything they don’t want to happen, happen.

I didn’t like how it ended because I felt there should have been more drama. I think more females should see this movie because it could teach them different things about life and the challenges they face. It would teach them that they should not let anybody stop them from being happy, or living their life. I don’t think this movie would be appropriate for children, due to the violence.

Makayal Starke is a freshman at Friendship Collegiate Academy.