Why the Electoral College Should Be Abolished

Commentary by Tsion Cummings. Image and research from https://www.minnpost.com.

DEC. 15, 2016: The Electoral College is a system that tries to make votes in different regions of the US equal (keyword is tries) in order to elect the President of the United States. The system is a very risky way to elect our president and should be abolished.

The Electoral College has just put one of the worst presidents in history into the oval office. Despite Hillary winning the popular vote, Trump won the presidential election. This is an injustice to America’s voters.

The Electoral College creates an imbalance between the worth of votes in different states. Votes are not represented properly among voters based on each state’s population. For example, a single vote in Wyoming has triple the worth of a vote in California. If the Declaration of Independence says “All men are created equal”, shouldn’t that apply to all votes too.

The Electoral College also creates a situation where there could be a tie between the two candidates. Minnpost.com says, “The rules of the Electoral College system for dealing with a tie are bizarre and scary and create a fairly plausible scenario by which no one would be elected president in time for Inauguration Day.” This means come next election time we could potentially not have a president. The Electoral College is very unreliable.

In conclusion, the Electoral College is an unstable system used to pick our country’s leader. We are relying on a system that ruins the value of the American vote. This system is so unsound that it could just fail to put a president in office. This is why it should be abolished.

Tsion Cummings is a freshman at Friendship Collegiate Academy.