Why Should The Dallas Cowboys Draft Jamal Adams?

Story by Angelo Jones. Picture from: www.lsusports.net

APRIL 26, 2017: Jamal Adams is expected to be a first-round NFL draft pick with Leonard Fournette (Former LSU Running Back). He was born October 17, 1995, and is 21 years old. Jamal attended Hebron High School. He later attended Louisiana State University for three years and then decided to join the Nation Football League. His father, George Adams also played in the NFL for the New York Giants. George played for the University of Kentucky and was drafted 1985 as a first round pick. Jamal played safety at LSU. He had the most swagger on the team. Jamal was going to play running back but his father's injuries made his father reconsider that position. According to Jamal, the reason he picked LSU was, "Sometimes when you pick a school, it's about trying to make your brand." Adams was ranked as the nation's No. 1 high school safety in 2013 by scout.com. "Some high school recruits don't understand that."But LSU is probably the best brand to be a part of, especially for defensive backs when you think of Patrick (Peterson), Corey (Webster) and Tyrann (Mathieu). Those are all guys I respect, but I want to be better than them and get my name on the wall just like those guys."

Angelo Jones is an 8th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.