Why Is It So Hard, But Look So Easy?

By R’Nasia Murphy Photo by www.pitsco.com.

MAY 22, 2017: Did you know that building a solar car is harder than it seems? You could make five without any kind of progress. I made three solar cars with my friends and teacher and none worked. The worst thing is, I found nothing wrong. Videos about building a solar car are no help. So, what's a good way for making a solar car? And most importantly, why is it so hard?

First of all, there's a lot of measurements that require the usage of rulers that many people aren't familiar with. Second, there's a lot of instructions that make it hard to see what's actually happening and how to do it. Sometimes the supposedly helpful pictures aren't so helpful. The picture may be paired with step two but is next to step four. The car can require welding. But, most people aren't very patient which is a needed skill for welding. And, you must wait a long time for the welder to become hot. Then you have to be careful with it so you won’t burn yourself or others...glue guns included.

Is there ever a perfect way for making solar cars? The main task makes you use and think of the measurements and designs which are something I’m not fond of. Do you think you would do good at creating a solar car? I know that even though it is hard, I will keep trying to make an awesome solar car that is lightning fast!

R’Nasia Murphy is a 6th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.