Who is Farafina Kan?

Story by Vaughn Taylor Photo by Chez Soleil Music

MAY 11, 2017: Farafina Kan is an American based West African drum and dance company currently housed in Mt, Rainier, Maryland. Farafina Kan was founded by Mahiri Keita and Diallo Sumbry who are brothers. We play West African music from many different countries. Within the group, there are a total of four companies which are the Denu, the Youth Ensemble, the Senior Company and Next Generation. Within the company, I play a percussion instrument called the djembe. A djembe is an instrument similar to a congo drum originating in West Africa. It is played with your hands to create a number of different sounds. I've been playing with this company since I was about 13 years old but I've been drumming since I was three. I joined the company because my cousin who originally started out with the company I started with, African Heritage Dancers and Drummers joined. When I'm on stage with my company, it is a feeling like no other. People love to see us in action, and they pay lots of money to come see us perform.

Watch us play here: https://vimeo.com/153588681

Vaughn Taylor is a senior at Friendship Collegiate Academy.