Who are your Top 5 Comedians?

Commentary by Simone Wimbush

JULY 30, 2015: Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, Mike Epps, Dave Chappelle, and Louis CK are my top 5 because all of them are very funny entertainers who are funny in many different ways including acting and stand-up.

1. Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is an African American actor (Ride Along), Writer (Think like a Man), Producer (The Wedding Ringer), and comedian (Let Me Explain). I believe Kevin Hart ranks as my number 1 because he is seriously funny. He makes jokes about real life experiences and what he has gone through in his life. For example on “Laugh at my Pain” he said,“My father was the real definition of a stepdad, he was never allowed to pass the second step of the house.”  Also he joked, “Everytime my dad got mad he would take everything he brought in the house back out with him, like when my mother was cooking steak and he got mad and told her to give him the steak out the pan and put it in his hand then he got burnt and told her to put in a bag”

2. Martin Lawrence

Martin Lawrence is an African American TV actor (Martin), filmmaker (Bad Boys), and comedian (You So Crazy). I believe Martin Lawrence ranks as my number 2 because he is really funny to me. He makes jokes about life situations and society in the 1990s.  For example on “You So Crazy” every time his girlfriend asked him to spend quality time he said “Sorry! I told Craig and them I was going to kick it with them. Gotta Go! See you when I see you!” After being told “See you went I see you” seven times she responded, “Do you remember when i asked you to spend time with me well somebody else got ya’ time.”

3. Mike Epps

Mike Epps is an African American writer (Untitled Richard Pryor biopic), producer (The Hangover),Actor (Janky Promoters).Comedian ( Under Rated & Never Faded),Rapper ( Trying to be a Gangsta).  I believe Mike Epps ranks at number 3 because although he is not really on stage, he is really funny as an actor. He was really funny in the movie Janky Promoters, All about the Benjamins, School Dance, Friday After Next and Next Friday. He is very hilarious when it comes to being in a movie.

4.  Dave Chappelle started in 1991

Is an African American screenwriter (Chappelle’s show), producer (Chappelle’s Show), actor (Chappelle’s Show), comedian (Laugh Factory). He looks to be making 2015 his official comeback year. Since his departure from The Chappelle Show on Comedy Central, he has returned into comedy with a series of show dates. During his recent shows at Austin’s ACL live in Texas, he taped his newest set of material for fans. The Chappelle Show is very funny.

5. Louis CK started in 1984.

Louis C.k. is a Caucasian American writer (The Chris Rock Show), actor ( The Role Model), producer( Louie), comedian (One Night Stand), director( Better Things)and editor( Louie). He is ranked number 5 because he is funny sometimes. But he is very interesting to watch.

Simone Wimbush is an 11th grade student at  Friendship Collegiate Academy.

Who is your Favorite Top 5 Comedian?
Kevin Hart
Martin Lawrence
Mike Epps
Dave Chappelle
Louis CK
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