When it Comes to the President, “Size Does Matter”

Story by Janiya Rivera. Photos courtesy of Scott Arthur.vv

Once again, President Donald Trump got angry, and this time it was about his inauguration crowd. By now most of his remarks are devoted to attacking the news media. He continues to say that the media is dishonest. This time his claims were made when the media showed a side-by-side photo of President Trump’s 2017 inauguration crowd and Mr. Obama’s in 2009.

When did size ever matter? Well, it doesn’t matter at all. When it comes to a football game, as long as your team wins the game, who cares about how many people were actually there. The size of the crowd never matters when you are attending your favorite artist’s live concert. As long as you got your front row seats and can hear the music, everything is cool. Who cares about the number of people who were actually there for President Donald Trump. Is this so important to the country? President Trump must begin focusing his attention on serving the people of the United States and making our country “great again,” like he says, but unfortunately, these first few weeks in office aren’t looking too good.

Janiya Rivera is a 5th Grade Scholar at Friendship Woodridge Academy.