What Legacy Did Martin Luther King Leave Behind?

Story by Jadon Miller. Photo from www.biography.com

JAN. 19, 2017: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had dedicated his life to stopping racist acts and giving African-Americans freedom. We celebrate Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday because of Martin Luther King’s day honors and marks the 3rd Monday of January to remember the great and powerful things that he did. His confidence and wisdom made him who he was. He had the power to change the way blacks were being treated. He looked at everyone as equals. He felt that if white people can have clean water and can sit in the front of the bus and can have good working jobs, then African-Americans can too. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr had a dream that black people can be whatever they want to be. Because of what he did, Black people can sit wherever they want on the bus and can use whatever bathrooms that they need to use.

In conclusion, we celebrate January 16 as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday to remember the legacy that he left so that the next generation of black and whites can freely live in an equal society. To this day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr will always be remembered as the hero who helped stop segregation.  

Jadon Miller is an 8th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.