Watch Out: Stingray

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JULY 28, 2015: The Stingray is a phone satellite connected to police. This is an easy way for the police to eavesdrop on your phone calls. They don't need a warrant to use this, so be careful. They use Stingray to find your location, and they can do this even when the phone isn’t in use. The cost of one of these devices is $250,000.

The Stingray is just becoming known, but has been around for years. If you are wondering how law enforcement knows where you were, then it may have been from this device. The device can find criminals on the run. Nothing’s more terrifying than being watched or listened to.

Even though that this device can get you ¨caught up¨ it could also be a good thing. Imagine you are kidnapped. How will police find you--the Stingray! There have been a lot of kids missing. this could be the perfect way to find them. This device has shown to be very good in finding devices not in use. So maybe even if the kidnapped person could not use their phone, the police could still track it.

To conclude, this has been an interesting topic that I have read about and I hope that people will be more cautious about what they talk about over the phone. Readers, I have a question for you!! Do you think it is a good idea for police to spy on your phones...or a bad idea?

Mya Baggage is a freshman at Friendship Collegiate Academy. 

Should law enforcement continue to use the Stingray?
Yes, it can close cases.
No, it invades people privacy.
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