Vote for Your Favorite Lays Flavor


Story written by Matthew Walden Taylor and Jayson Green. Photos from Mckenzie Walden Taylor, Greg Granberry and YouTube.

APRIL 8, 2016: Many of you have seen the Super Bowl Halftime Show, but not many of you may have watched Super Bowl commercials. One of these ads was for the new Lays flavor competition. In this competition people can vote for their favorite flavor online to choose which Lays chips stay on the shelves and which are off to the dump. This is the Flavor-Swap Contest.

The first of four matchups in the competition is between the classic Flamin’ Hot and the new Fiery Roasted Habanero. The pair seems fitting as they both bring intense heat to the table but many people are undecided. The Habanero is a flavor that has become more popularized over the years so people who are modernizing seem to like them more. The Flamin’ Hot is a classic that many love but a new future flavor is coming soon.

The next pair is Korean Barbeque vs Honey Barbecue. The Honey Barbeque is a sweet and delicious flavor but the Korean Barbeque offers a more savory and rich flavor. The two are an even match but that’s why Lays needs the customers to decide.

The third of the pairs is Cheddar Sour Cream or Smoked Gouda and Chive. The smoked gouda and chive is an elegant and rich flavor that overshadows its competition completely.

The final of the matchups is the healthiest which is  Kettle-cooked Olive Oil and Herbs vs Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper. Both are modern combinations but some are worried that the olive oil flavor will add extra grease to the chips. The salt and pepper chips blend together well and you can't even tell that either ingredient is separate. The olive oil and herb is elegant and tasty but the extra oil is still a concern to some. The winner between the two is not certain but what is certain is that they are both delicious.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.56.15 AM.png

On the competition website, there are videos that include celebrities tasting the chips. Youtubers have taken it upon themselves to do the same. They give reviews to people about their taste in food but everyone is different.  So the best way to know is to go and try them yourself. They are available at Walmart, Target, Harris Teeter, and other stores that carry Lays chips. The link to the voting site and video are listed below. Vote today!

Matthew Walden Taylor, Greg Granberry and Jayson Green are in the eighth grade and Mckenzie Walden Taylor is in the seventh grade at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.