Up Up And Away At The Air And Space Museum!!

Story by De’Asya Ford. Photo by Ayaliah Smith.

FEB. 11, 2017.  Blow Pierce went to the Air and Space Museum with the Junior Cadet program.  We did lots of activities.  First, we went to the top level which is also the tower. In the tower, we had a fantastic view.  We saw a big field, a runway for the airplanes and clear parking lots.  After that, we went into an area that had tips about how to get on an airplane.  We learned that safety comes from The Federal Aviation Administration, part of the U.S. Department of Transportation, which is responsible for “operating the safest and largest air traffic control in the world.”  

Some types of food that astronauts can eat in space are scrambled eggs, granola cereal and m&m’s. These are most of the things that I learned from my experience to the Air and Space Museum.

De’Asya Ford and Ayaliah Smith are 5th grade scholars at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.