Tumblr Inspired Decorating Tips for your Room

By Janiah Cloutterbuck

JULY 30, 2015: When your old room gets boring or you move into a new place this is what you should do to you room if you want to live in a happy space.

  1. Hang lights around your closet. They give more light if you are struggling to see your clothes.

  2. Decorate your walls with magazine images or printed photos off of the internet. They give you more exciting walls if you are tired of looking at the same paint.

  3. Make a DIY (Do It Yourself) jewelry organizer by creating a jewelry holder instead of keeping your jewelry all tucked in a box and getting tangled.

  4. Decorate with Washi Tape (Tape that it peelable to stick on your wall that has different patterns and colors)

  5. Give your room color if your room gets boring because it is the same solid color all the time. So do creative things to make your room better.

  6. Make your room an active space by keeping your room neat and clear so that there is space for other things you want to do—like play board games, exercise or just sit on the floor with friends.

If you follow these six steps your room will now be the best!

Janiah Cloutterbuck is a junior at Friendship Collegiate Academy.