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Story by Kamari Byrd and Photo by Zenx-Audio-Stress-Relief

OCT. 25, 2017: Stress is really taking a toll on people. It affects people who work really hard and even high school and college students. Stress can take over sometimes but we have to learn how to take time and pause what we are doing to deal with it. Stress relief is what you need and here are some techniques I prefer:

  • Drinking hot tea while doing things that makes you stressed

  • Yoga, meditation, and exercise  

  • Organizing your schedule to fit your ability

Stress can cause depression. Depression leads to sickness. Sickness leads to worse things which can cause other to stress about you. Stress has a big effect on people mentally. It creates a disruption in your head and can take over physically. In the U.S, 48% of people says that stress has a negative impact on their personal and professional lives. 58% say they fight their own family because stress takes over mentally. 23% have a change in appetite, 44% gets headaches, 30% get muscle spasms and tension.

Stress doesn’t put a smile on your face. So to have a smile on your face and be stress-free try one of my ideas or even all three. They worked for me maybe they’ll work for you!

I am Kamari Byrd a sophomore at Friendship Collegiate Academy.