Titans On the Move: 8th Grade Showcase

Story and Photos by Sean Beach.

NOV. 21, 2017: On November 8, 2017, Friendship Tech Prep High School had an 8th grade showcase which is a way of showing 8th graders from different schools what Tech Prep High is all about and why they should enroll in this amazing school. Four different middle schools came including McKinley Tech, Friendship Blow-Pierce, Friendship Chamberlain, and of course Friendship Tech Prep.

During the event, we had a student panel which I was a part of. The panel gave students the opportunity to hear what Tech Prep high school students believe about our school. We had presentations from our athletic teams and students in other extracurricular activities. The students were also able to take a tour of the amazing building that we have and hear about some of the projects, assignments, and fun things that were going on in some of the many different classes that Tech Prep has to offer. The most important thing was that everyone had a great time and a lot of the students were saying that they will consider Tech Prep as a choice for enrollment.  

Sean Beach is a 9th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.