Third Graders Rally Up

By Briana Johnson, Lavar Streeter, Quanyae Jones, Shakiiya Yindui, and Jevar Harper. Edited by Sean Beach.

APRIL 20, 2016: On March 18, 2016 at Friendship Blow Pierce Elementary School, Ms. Gibson’s 3rd grade class had a political debate and rally that you can see in the video above.  The debate was about how school funds should be used. Malachi Thompson represented the Republican party. He supported healthier lunches. Shirlon West represented the Democratic party. She debated for a library. The students were enthusiastic and excited at this rally. The entire school was encouraged to vote.  Ms. Gibson set up her classroom with private voting booths.  Everyone had to stand in line and wait to be escorted to a voting booth.  In the voting booth there were ballots and pencils. After you voted you dropped your vote in a secure box kept by Ms. Gibson.  The following Monday, the winner was announced to the school over the intercom.  Malachi Thompson won! The school went into a wild uproar of cheers and boos. I guess we will all be eating healthier lunches soon.  I wonder how they plan to make our lunches healthier.  Hope you enjoy the video!!!!!   

Briana Johnson, Lavar Streeter, Quanyae Jones, Shakiiya Yindui and Jevar Harper are 6th grade scholars at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy. Sean Beach is a 7th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.