The Second Annual Friendship Armstrong Talent Show

Story by FNN Armstrong Reporter, Eliana Adames.

MAY 31, 2017: Armstrong held its second annual Talent Show on February 17, 2017. The tryouts started with 20 students and ended up with 10 students and some adults performing. All these students worked very hard for the past five weeks.

The first act was from the teachers. Ms.Williams, Ms. Artis, and Ms. Jessica sang the Negro National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice And Sing”. The authors of the song were the two brothers James Weldon Johnson and J. Rosamond Johnson.The anthem was first written as a poem and then became the Negro National Anthem in 1899.

The second performance was by Skyla Ward and Heaven Perry singing, “Your Lips are Movin’” by Meghan Trainor.The crowd was clapping to the beat as the two third graders were singing their hearts out. These kids were very proud and had confidence in themselves.

The third performance was given by Ayanna Bowen who tap danced to the theme song of the Wizard of Oz. Ayanna was very proud of her work. She showed it by being confident. I myself was surprised by her performance.

The fourth act was the step brothers Malachai and Michai Dickey, dancing to, “Look at My Dab” by Migos. The two brothers were dancing all over the stage. What got the audience jumping was the brothers’ front and back flips. I thought that the brothers would work their way to first place.

The fifth act was Delonte Hawkins beatboxing to “Starboy” by The Weeknd. This was one of my favorite acts of the talent show. I thought this would be one of the acts that might win.

The sixth act were the sisters T’Mari Proctor and Morgan Wade dancing to New Edition. Some people thought that their dance was not that good. The reason they said that was because Morgan did not know the dance as well, but I thought that they did great.

 The seventh act was Demetrius Hawkins doing comedy. The jokes he made cracked the crowd up. And when I say “crack up”, I mean CRACK UP! These jokes made everyone in the audience laugh. I remember the last and funniest joke. “Why did the skeleton not fight the monster? Because he did not have the guts!”

 The eighth act was Gwendolyn Jones doing ballet. This was very exciting. Some people thought this was a water dance before Gwen started to do flips. Then they all realized. Gwen’s act was one of the performances that would win.

The ninth act was Meliya Pierre singing “I Am Almost There” from The Princess And The Frog. This girl had tables, chairs, fake restaurant, and dresses as part of her props. This was awesome. She changed really fast. I thought she would win. She was really proud of herself.

The tenth act was Janiyah Basil and Kayla Ramirez singing “Scars To Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara. These girls had lots of fun.This song is a song I sing all the time when I am down.These girls worked very hard in remembering this song by heart. I really liked this act myself.

The second to last act was Ms. Bowen, a teacher, doing a short skit about slavery. She was pretending to be a slave. She also pretends to be working on a farm with other slaves. She was farming and folding clothes. At the end, she ran out from the auditorium to chase other free people. It was really dramatic!

The last act was “Freedom”, a song for black people.This act was very inspiring for my classmates. I thought this was great.There were about 5-6 teachers that were part of the performance. So you can imagine how inspiring it was for all kids around the school.

These were all the acts. I liked all these acts. They were all amazing, but the judges had to choose the winners. In first place came Gwendolyn Jones and her ballet. In second place came Maylia Pear with her song. Finally in third place, came Demetrius Hawkins doing comedy. I enjoyed this talent show.

Eliana Adames is a 4th grader at Friendship Armstrong Academy.