The New Edition Miniseries—A Powerful and Inspirational Look Into the Lives of Music Legends

Story by Jerell King. Photo from

On January 24th, BET aired the three-day event “The New Edition Story” which takes you on the journey of the legendary R&B music group, “New Edition”. This epic three-part series takes you through the lives of Bobby, Mike, Ralph, Ricky, Ronnie, and Johnny Gill. This exciting and dramatic three-night event goes from when the group sings “Candy Girl” at their school talent show, from headlining multiple stages singing their famous hits like “Mr. Telephone Man”, “Cool it Now”, and “If It Isn’t Love”. This movie takes you into the dramatic world of the music industry and shows how money and fame can really go to a person’s head.

I love this movie because it shows all of the perks and downfalls of becoming famous. I also love New Edition and all of their music. I personally recommend this to any middle through high school student out there who loves New Edition or loves a good dramatic story. So if you missed any parts, just go to the on-demand setting on your cable remote or just go to and see if you can “Stand the Rain”.

Jerell King is a 9th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.