The Miracle Child

Story C’Erra Andrews. Edited by Sean Beach. Photo from

MARCH 16, 2017: Samuela Wolfe was 6 months pregnant with baby Ava when the baby’s father attempted to stab her in the stomach. On August 31, 2016, she was severely injured in this attack which caused baby Ava to be born three months early. She had an emergency C-section. Samuela said that the man went behind her and caught her by surprise. She said he used the do that type of stuff, but he would never hurt her. Samuela said that there was not a day in her life she was afraid of him, but now she is.

The man who stabbed Samuela was Dakota Brothers, the baby's father who claimed to police that he was not ready to be a father so soon. That is why he took action. He was charged with premeditated attempted first-degree murder. Now Brothers are scheduled to go to trial in May.

Baby Ava is now 6 months old and she is doing better than she was when she was born. Samuela really believes that her baby is a miracle. Now she is trying to finish school as well as get the help and love that she needs. She plans on moving forward in her life so she can take care of her child. I believe that Baby Ava is really a miracle child. Samuela believed in herself and so did her mom and that is all that matters.

I think that Samuela is a role model for all the kids still in school who have children because she is preparing herself for the world in order to finish school so she can take care of her child. I believe that everyone who goes through this should read this because this girl believed in herself and believed that she can still have the baby. Now that Samuela Wolfe is going to college she can become very successful while raising her beautiful child.

C’Erra Andrews and Sean Beach are 8th grade scholars at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.