The Life Of A Cheerleader

Story by Keniyah Ferguson. Photo by Heavenly Anderson.

NOV. 15, 2016.  Everybody wants to know the key to being a cheerleader. Of course, cheerleaders don’t have enough time to sleep, or even have time to be themselves. Every time they take a break they have to get back up and cheer again. The cheerleaders work everyday all day.  The question on my mind is, ¨How do cheerleaders balance cheerleading and school work at the same time?”

Here´s what  a couple of cheerleaders at Friendship Collegiate Academy had to say. Ariel Johnson said “It’s fun being a cheerleader because you can be with your friends, but you can also meet new people and it’s very enjoyable. Myonia Hill said, “No, I never sleep before a game because it’s practice, makeup, and you gotta look cute”. The cheerleader captain Rianne, said, “I got my captain spot by being a dedicated leader”. Another cheerleader said she has a lot of goals for herself when she gets out of high school including continuing cheerleading. And if that doesn’t work, she would find another activity.

Cheerleader practice involves running up and down the ramp, helping one another out, showing hard work and creativity. Even though they might not work together as a team everyday when they need each other, they got each other’s back. Some cheers may not be the cheers everybody wants to see, but the cheerleaders make them good for the crowd that enjoys them.

If our cheerleaders didn’t break it down then I don’t know what would. These ladies are so supportive to the JV and varsity football teams. They work hard everyday at practice and at the football games every Thursday and Friday.

Now, the hardest part of being a cheerleader is making sure you have the right moves . Mr. Womack is the cheerleading coach for Friendship Collegiate Academy. Coach Womack said, “Being a cheerleading coach is  enjoyable. It allows me to use creativity, and is a form of self expression.¨  I bet he loves being a coach!!! These ladies have a good coach and they have some good cheers. I can’t wait to see more!

Do you want to be a cheerleader? Just make sure you have the mindset and the ability to work on a team with other girls from different grades, and have a strong work ethic. Just know that in order to be a cheerleader, you have to be ready and you can’t give up on this sport that you will grow to love.

Keniyah Ferguson is a student at Friendship Collegiate Academy.