The Last Football Game

Story by Terrence Parker, Jr., reporter, FNN Tech Prep Bureau.

Edited by Sean Beach

DEC. 10, 2015: This story is about the last football game I played with my school. We played Kipp DC Aim to make the playoffs. I scored 2 touchdowns and the referee called one back because they thought that the other team took my flag. Then, when we got to the goal line we ran a fake run pass which I threw.The other team blitzed me. I jumped and threw it to the best option and we scored again. Kipp DC Aim had the ball for the last couple of seconds but our defense was so good, we stopped them from scoring and won the game. The score was 20-0.

My team was elated and their team was mad. A few days later we had news that we made it to the playoffs. So did Kipp DC Aim.This was the last game of the regular season for Friendship Tech Prep. If we won the championship we would be the first Friendship Tech Prep team to go all the way to the end. The playoffs started on Monday, November 23.

Now in practice we worked very hard so that we could win

the playoffs. We did hard push up positions for a long time. Another thing we did is chop our feet until the coach says hit. Then we dropped straight on our chests. This is very helpful because it gets us in condition to get us strong and fast so we can play against teams older than us. For the rest of the days, we will be going over plays instead of chopping our feet. We won to make to the playoffs but then we lost at the game that could have got us to the championship. This game was the last one to get us to the championship .We played against Kipp DC Aim. The score was 22-7.  

Terrence Parker Jr and Sean Beach are 7th grade students at Friendship Tech Prep Academy