The Importance of Learning To Code

Story By Richard Okpala. Photo by Noel Spencer.

MAY 8, 2015: In this day in age, almost everything has to do with technology. Everyone has either an iPhone, iPad or tablet, but do they know how they work? Just like humans, machines have their own language that tells them what to do. This language is called code. Many of the world's most successful people can write code and they are called computer programmers.  According to Forbes Magazine, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. He also co-founded the company we all know as Microsoft. Learning how to code isn't being taught in school as much as reading and math, but it should be.  According to Huffington post, IT jobs will increase 22 percent by 2020. It's the language of the future.

You might not know what I'm saying now, but the future is coming fast and it's coming now. Programming or coding has to do with almost everything in everyday life, from going on the internet to going on your phone.

You might be wondering how you could learn how to code and if it’s hard. Based on my own experience with programming it really isn't hard. It’s just basic math. Learning your first programming language is difficult or not based on your learning skills. But if you really learn one, the rest is basically a piece of cake. There are many programming languages out there used for many different things. A few popular programming languages are the Java programming language, the Python programming language and also C++. For example, Python programming is a language that could be used for mostly anything. It could be used for processing text numbers and images or to create popular sites such as Google and YouTube. Python also could be used for almost anything but you can pick your major concept to focus on.

The C++ is used for games such as World of Warcraft. It is also used for creating internet applications and creating compilers. Java is used for everything including websites, video games and desktop applications. And if you're a beginner, Python and Java are two of the easiest programming languages to learn. I really haven't mastered Java .But I hope to master it very soon.

The reason why I really wanted to get into programming is that when I was a kid I was really interested in video games and after a while I wanted to learn how to make them. So I decided to learn programming and participated in the Hour of Code to learn about it. Don’t get into coding for my reasons. You can also make websites, or protect networks from viruses and hackers. The list is very vast. Just remember most people don't understand there’s a technology revolution and it’s here now. If you don't get with it, there’s a chance you might get left behind.

Richard Okpala is a senior at Friendship Collegiate Academy.