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The Olympic Super Athletes and the Medal Mystery

Story and video by the FNN Southeast News Team

By Jerell King, Simone Crank, Corde’ Shaw,Trayvon Edwards.

Have you guys ever wanted to write your own story? What would your story be about? Have any of you wanted to make your own video game? Well, did you know in order to make a video game you have to make a story for it? All video games have stories. So to help you out, we can give you advice on how to make your own video game story.

First, you need to think of your own idea. We can tell you about a story we made about the Olympics and how we created it. Have you ever heard of the Olympics? It’s a huge event where the greatest athletes in the world compete to earn medals to represent their country and to prove that they are the best in the world at what they do. This year the Olympics took place in Rio de Janeiro, so that is where our story takes place. We started to create our story by brainstorming ideas. Then we took everyone’s ideas and picked the ones that would fit best in the story.

Next, we started to develop the plot for our story.  And we created our characters to go in our story. Finally, we put all of those things together to create our finished story. Now are you ready to see how it all came together? We present to you, “The Olympic Super Athletes and the Medal Mystery!”

It’s a beautiful night in Rio de Janeiro. The sky is filled with fireworks and there are colorful parade floats coming down the streets during the opening ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Everyone, including the world’s greatest athletes are dancing and having a good time. But, someone notices that the truck carrying all of the gold medals is missing. Without any medals, there will be no Olympics. There are rumors that the truck headed towards the rainforest. So who will step up and save the day? It will take only the most elite team of Olympians to get the medals back. With no hesitation, our heroes set off towards the rainforest, without even considering the strange and unbelievable mysteries that may be lurking within. What will our heroes do? Will our heroes find the crooks? What’s lurking in the rainforest? Looks like you have to get the game to find out.

Now it’s time to introduce our team of heroes: Gabby Douglas, Kevin Durant, Michael Phelps, and Usain Bolt. (Who are all REAL Olympic Gold Medalist)  Let your readers know that they are real Olympic heroes.

Michael Phelps from the U.S.A. has the superpower of supersonic swimming and the ability to breathe underwater. As Michael Phelps travels into a deep part of the forest, he spots some of the gold medals. But the bad news is, they are 400 meters at the end of a river. Without hesitation, Michael Phelps jumps straight into the river. Everything is going according to plan until RiverSharks start chasing him. So Michael Phelps uses his supersonic swimming powers to get away from the sharks. But while he is swimming toward the medals, lava rocks start falling from the sky from the volcano on the other side of the forest. In order to escape, Michael Phelps has to use his super-powered lungs to stay under the water to avoid the falling rocks. The volcanic eruption scares away the sharks and Michael Phelps finally made it to the end of the river.

Usain Bolt is from Jamaica and has the power of super speed, and super powered running shoes.As Usain Bolt searches for some of the gold medals, he comes across the giant volcano. Luckily, he spots the medals at the very top. After he runs to the top he reaches for the medals. But as soon as he picks them up, the ground begins to shake. The volcano’s erupting! Lava is leaking throughout the entire volcano, lava rocks are flying everywhere. Without hesitation Usain Bolt lights up his super shoes and dashes down the side of the blazing volcano in a flash. As he is running lightning fast, he can see the falling rocks and can feel the burning heat of the lava closing up on him. He dodges the falling rocks with lightning fast reflexes, he questions if he will make it. But just in the nick of time, Usain Bolt escapes the volcano with all of the medals in tact.  

Kevin Durant is from U.S.A and has the superpower of super jumping, super crossovers. When he reaches a very deep part of the rainforest, he searches for some of the gold medals. He spots the gold medals entangled in thick vines. He tries to reach in and grab it, but many other vines come down from the trees and try to entangle him. Luckily Kevin Durant jumps out of the way. But in order to get to the medals, he has to use his super crossover moves.  

Gabby Douglas is from U.S.A. and her superpowers are super jumping, super agility, super flexibility, super balance. As Gabby Douglas walks through the forest,a group of mischievous monkeys steal her bookbag and hide in the trees. Without that bag, Gabby can not continue to find the medals. So as quickly as she can, she leaps into the trees and continues to flip across the trees to get her bag back from the monkeys. But she has to be careful, one unbalanced landing can lead her straight into a stinky mud-pit.

All of the athletes end up in the very middle of the rain forest. All of a sudden the ground starts to shake. Then, the floor under them opens up into a trap door and everyone falls through. Then everyone lands in a roller coaster seat which takes them to the next level of the game called “Super Happy Fun Land”.As they look over, they see unicorns, rainbows, giant food, candy trees, and people who are happy and dancing. As the roller coaster comes to a stop, the team gets a chance to introduce themselves to each other. But while they’re talking, they get launched onto a giant pie. The team now has to use their powers as a team to get out of “Super Happy Fun Land.” Meanwhile back in Rio there is chaos. The Olympics are ruined. But who could possibly do all of this? Then shadowy figures appear in the distance. It’s the evil mastermind Dr. Bane and his henchmen. So the gold medals were just a distraction created by Dr. Bane to destroy the olympics once and for all. Will our heroes be able to get back in time to save the Olympics?

Once the heroes escape “Super Happy Fun Land” they get back to Rio and find out that the Olympics are ruined. They go inside the stadium to look for any other athletes who could probably help get things right. To their surprise, no one is there and the entire stadium is destroyed. The heroes wonder what happened while they were gone? Then the heroes hear an evil laugh from the distance. It was none other than Dr. Bane. “Well, well, well, you guys managed to escape my trap huh?” said Dr. Bane. “What trap are you talking about and who are you anyway?” said the heroes. “Oh, I suppose we never met. Let me introduce myself. I am Dr.Bane, the person who captured all of your friends and destroyed the Olympic Games” Dr. Bane said while rubbing his mustache. “But how and why did you do this and where are our friends,” said the heroes. “Well let me tell you how I managed to beat you guys. I first let my henchmen steal the medals to lure you into the forest. Then once you all got together, I activated the next step of my evil plan by trapping you guys in a land so tempting, you would not want to leave. Once you all were out of my sights, I then commenced with my favorite part of the plan, DESTROYING THE OLYMPICS ONCE AND FOR ALL! HA HA HA HA HA HA!” said Dr.Bane. “We won’t let you get away with this Dr. Bane! Super Athletes, let’s take him down!” said the heroes. “Well, let’s see if you can stop me if I activate Plan G!” said Dr.Bane pulling out a remote control. “Plan G? What’s Plan G?” the heroes ask. “Yeah, Plan G for GIANT ROBOT!” Dr. Bane says as he presses the big button on his remote. Dr. Bane then hops into his flying machine onto the Statue of Christ. Then the ground starts to shake under the hero’s feet. “What’s happening?” said the heroes. Then the heroes look up to find out that Dr. Bane has turned the Christ the Redeemer into an evil robot! This would be the toughest challenge that the Super Athletes have ever faced. But that didn’t stop the heroes from using their powers to defeat Dr. Bane and save the Olympics.


Jerell King is a 9th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy and Corde’ Shaw is a 3rd grade scholar at Friendship Southeast Academy and Simone Crank is a 5th grade scholar at Friendship Southeast Academy.