The DACA Program Could Be Rescinded By Trump Administration

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Story by De’Von Williams. Photos From: and

OCT. 17, 2017: On September 5, 2017, the Trump Administration announced by executive order that the  DACA program will be rescinded. When Trump’s proposed cancellation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was announced, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said, “The executive order denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of Americans by allowing those same illegal aliens to take those jobs.”

The DACA program was established to allow those who were brought to the United States illegally as children to be able to remain in this country. When the DACA program started, 950,000 young illegal immigrants who came to the United States with their parents, were eligible to apply for the program. Not all those eligible had applied because the application had a 465 dollar fee which most of them couldn’t afford. If this program ends, 800,000 people will be deported back to their home country where that have never lived. Homeland Security gave a deadline of October 5, 2017. for all DACA people applying and reapplying to have their papers in.  At this time, Homeland Security has no plan to remove or extend the deadline.

In my opinion, that’s unfair because most of the DACA people called, “Dreamers” doesn't even speak their native language. The Dreamers should have the same rights as all the rest of us.

I took some statements from of my peers at  Friendship Technology Preparatory Academy to have their what they think about the current situation. Here is a statement from Aliea Mansaray, an 8th grade scholar. “What Trump did to the DACA program was very childish and unnecessary.” I strongly agree with her statement. Like Aliea, I think, what he is doing is unnecessary and very childish coming from Trump who is supposed to be such a strong leader. The next statement comes from Latoya Harper, an 8th a grade scholar.  “What Trump did to the DACA program was wrong. Just because they (their parents) are not from America doesn't mean the Dreamers can't have a good education in America.” The last statement is from Catherine Braxton an 8th grade scholar. “I think that Trump shouldn’t get rid of the DACA program. He wants to get rid of all immigrants to keep America “safe” and “better” but not all immigrants are bad. This is why I despise him. He does some things for no valid reason. Instead of not helping immigrants, he should enforce some laws or something that could benefit both America and the immigrants.”

I believe that the decision should be put up to a vote in Congress to let them say if  DACA should be rescinded or not.

Help defend DACA by spreading the word on social media using the #DEFEND DACA and #DEFEND DREAMER.

De’Von WIlliams is an 8th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.