The Boxing Life of George McCray

Writing by George McCray

MARCH 22, 2017: I`m a young boxer who loves the sport of boxing. My current record is 13 wins, 3 losses 0 draws and 1 KO. I box on the Untouchables Boxing Team in Marlow Heights Maryland. We are “unattached” which means that we don't have our own gym so we go to other gyms to work out but we mainly box at Keystone boxing gym.

Boxing just makes me a better student. It helps me keep up my grades. It also pushes me to do better and work harder towards my goals in life. When I get older I want to make a living out of boxing. But in case I can’t, I have a second option. I would like to major in sports medicine so I can help others like myself. Right now, I have to put boxing on hold so I can get myself together in school. School comes first because I have to get the work done. I want to be a better fighter, but I have to be a good student in school in order to be a greater fighter. I would love going to practice every day but school comes before boxing.

When I was younger, boxing was just a motivation to do better in school. It helped a lot. Boxing helped me focus in order to get the work done because if I didn't get good grades, I wouldn't be able to box.

When I get to the boxing gym, I get right into my workouts. I run the steps 25 times than I get right into jumping rope. I jump rope for 15 minutes. When I'm done, I start on my push-ups. I do at least 75 push-ups then I do 300 sit-ups. After I'm done, I get right into my dance in shadow boxing around the boxing ring. Dancing around the boxing ring means you're on a smooth bounce all the way around the ring. Shadow boxing is when you throwing punches just to get warmed up for sparing.

Boxing has helped me out a lot. It’s helped me stay on track in school.

George McCray is a senior at Friendship Collegiate Academy.