“The Baby Think It Over” Project

Story by Isaiah Lipscombe. Presentation by Jhane Hale.

How many teen parents out there wished they had known the consequences of having or taking care of a baby? Well, the Health Sciences program allowed Collegiate students to experience the challenges of taking care of a baby by creating childcare simulation project, called “Baby Think It Over”. This was a three week project in which students explored the emotional, social, and financial consequences of parenthood. Each student had to wear a non-removable bracelet with a unique wireless ID (care ID) to ensure accountability of the baby doll they were given. No one was allowed to care for the baby but the student (except for the main caregiver). The students carried the babies between class periods 4-6 and took them home every night using a school-provided baby carrier. The baby had an infant simulator that made it cry randomly day and night. The caregiver then had to determine what the baby needed in terms of feeding, burping, rocking, or a diaper change. The baby recorded the care and safe handling it was given, as well 

as, the abuse it may have received, such as rough handling, dropping, and hitting. After the by received abuse it would cry for a period of time and could not be stopped. In the morning, students took the baby they were assigned to daycare where they would be charged and teachers would sync the care and attention the baby was given and the abuse it suffered.

In the end, students received real world experience of what it would be like, if they had a baby or took care of one.

Isaiah Lipscombe is a 9th grade student at Friendship Collegiate Academy.