The 2017 White House Easter Egg Roll

Photo: David Yanez with his sister at the 2017 White House Easter Egg Roll

Story and Photo by David Yanez.

MAY 24, 2017: WASHINGTON, DC: Since the 1870s, there has been a tradition held at the White House called the Easter Egg Roll. This year it was held on April 17, 2017. Going to this tradition is free because you have to enter a raffle and only the people that get picked can officially go to the White House. Where actually is this tradition held? At the South Lawn backyard at the White House, and no, it’s not one of those backyards where there’s a balcony and a backyard with a lot of grass where you could play. Instead imagine Six Flags, or maybe Disneyland, and that’s about the same size of the White House backyard!

That’s not all! There’s a huge water fountain that’s really magnificent to watch. Don’t forget to take pictures, parents!

During the Easter Egg Roll, there are many marvelous activities for adults and children to do such as tennis, cookie decorating, egg decorating, bag toss, and the Bunny Hop Stage, which is live music throughout the day, and much more. I know what you are thinking. All of these activities are exciting, but there’s only one problem. You have to wait in line for hours to go to the activity you want -- except for the least popular ones, of course. The last and most marvelous part of all of the Easter Egg Roll is getting a goodie bag. I know it sounds boring, but it was like a bag of luxury. It had a box with peeps, a big plastic egg with M&Ms inside, a cookie bag and finally a pink wooden egg with First Lady Melania Trump’s signature on it.

I would give this awesome experience an 11 out of 10!

David Yanez is a 4th grade scholar at Friendship Armstrong Academy.