That’s Your BFF, But Don’t Share Make-Up

Story by De’Asya Ford. Photo by De`Asya Ford.

MARCH 14, 2017:  Sharing, especially sharing makeup with other people, can be harmful.  You should never share lip gloss because it spreads germs, infections and can make you sick.  If you share makeup supplies, throw them in the trash. If you do share make-up and still want to use it, be sure to clean and soak your makeup brushes in mild cleanser, alcohol and hot water just to kill the germs and bacteria.  If your friend doesn’t have the proper cleaning materials then, buy it for her as a gift.  

Do you know why you should wash your hands before putting your fingers in a jar of cream? If you want to share or take some cream home, take a Q-tip and/or get a spoon and scoop it into a cup, jar, or bag.  

One last makeup tip...I hope that you and your friends aren’t sharing the same pencil for eyeliner because if you are, then you may be causing bumps on your face. The eyeliner may impact you and give you bumps because other people are using it and you don’t know what they have.  You can never trust clean make-up kits because they might not be clean when it comes down to your friends asking you if you want some of their lipstick. So this article is for you if you are sharing face products.   

De’Asya Ford is a 5th Grade Scholar at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.