Tech Prep Takes a Trip to Discover the History of News

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Tech Prep editor-in-chief Sean Beach looks over the Newseum’s balcony.

Story by Sean Beach. Photo by Asia Ferrell.

On September 28, 2017, reporters from FNN Tech Prep had the chance to visit the wonderful Newseum to see many different exhibits and to play around in the Interactive NewsRoom. Many of us have already been to the Newseum but each time we go we are able to learn many new things. We finally got to see the new and improved FBI exhibit and learn some new things about one of our favorite topics which is 9/11. We were able to see the John F. Kennedy exhibit to learn more about his life and time during his presidency which wasn’t very long, but it’s still very interesting to many people now. We also went to my favorite exhibit which is called “1967: Civil Rights at 50.” I really love this exhibit because it is truly important and powerful and relates to today’s Civil Rights Movement but now there’s just another name for it.

We also went on the balcony which is at the very top of the Newseum and were able to see some of Washington, DC’s many museums as well as the United States Capitol.

Lastly, we spent our time in the Interactive NewsRoom which is also another a favorite of mine because we get to learn more about news reporting and how to do it. We had the opportunity to record ourselves broadcasting a news report. In my opinion, the Newseum is always a great and exciting place to go because I always learn and have fun.

Sean Beach and Asia Ferrell are 9th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.