Tech Prep Celebrates Black History Month

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Story by Sean Beach. Photos by Nataleigh Jackson and Sean Beach.

MARCH 15, 2018: Throughout the entire month of February, which is also known as Black History Month, Friendship Tech Prep scholars and staff celebrated the entire month together. We had many different events, special lunches, and social media challenges. We had events such as a Black Lives Matter Rally, and an Arts and Music Festival. Many of our scholars and staff participated.

The Black Lives Matter Rally helped staff and students better understand the true meaning of Black Lives Matter because people don’t really understand what the Black Lives Matter movement is and what it is trying to demonstrate. So, Tech Prep’s office manager, Mr. Bruce Mann, decided to actually have a Rally at Tech Prep. Empris Graham and I were the MCs for the event. Teachers and scholars presented information to back up why it is important to continue the Black Lives Matter and why it’s so important to today’s society.

The Arts and Music Festival was created to show us the African culture of music, and to give us an insight on Black music. Throughout the entire festival, we had guest musicians, dancers, and of course The Marching Titans Band and Titans Auxiliary Dance Team. We also, had artists to come in and show us how to make African art.

As you see at Tech Prep, we are all about learning our history and culture. What did your school do to celebrate Black History Month? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Sean Beach and Nataleigh Jackson are 9th grade scholars at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.