Tech Prep 8th Graders Explore History and Culture

Story by C’Erra Andrews. Photos by Sean Beach and C’Erra Andrews. Edited by Sean Beach.

JAN. 11, 2017: On December 22nd, 8th graders from Tech Prep middle school went to the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Our trip to all three places was very educational and interesting. Going to the places on our trip made me so emotional and proud of our country.

First we went to the MLK Memorial and it was amazing. That was my first time seeing his memorial in person. It is much bigger than what I have seen on the TV. Martin Luther King is a great role model in the United States and he has done a lot to get us where we are now. Dr. King left us with a lot of good quotes. They were very inspiring and you can definitely depend on his words. Dr. King honestly deserved this monument and as a future American hero, he is one out of some of the people I look up to. Our trip was extraordinary for me and my peers.

The second place we went to was the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. I think this is the place where we learned more about culture than history. We saw a lot of different animals and other species. I loved this museum because I love learning about our culture and where we originally came from. It’s different from the other museums because we learned about animals and insects.  This museum was the most fun out of the whole day. My peers and I really enjoyed this museum because it was a fun environment.

The last place we went was the United States Holocaust Museum. This trip was the most emotional because it’s really sad how the Jews got killed and abused by the Nazis. The part I loved the most is when we went the room of remembrance. The room was so quiet, warm, and beautiful.

I loved this trip because it was very inspiring to me and we got to learn more about where we came from. My peers and I had fun exploring in many different ways. I would definitely visit the Martin Luther King memorial again.

C’Erra Andrews and Sean Beach are 8th grade scholars at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.