Sustainable Houses That Help The Planet

By Briana Johnson. Photos by Da’Kalen Anthony. Photo Edits by George Barber

MARCH 25, 2016: On January 8, 2016, there was a science fair about sustainable houses. The fair was located in the cafeteria at Blow Pierce Junior Academy. This was hosted by the 8th graders. The science teacher Ms. Brown said, “The 8th graders learned about fossil fuels and how they hurt the planet, so they displayed houses that don't cause pollution to the planet.”

The first exhibit I saw was made by Sharice Smith, Khanika Armstrong and Chamari Haggins. Their house was located in California. The house has solar panels on the roof because California gets a lot of sun. The house has trees by the windows so the sunlight won't get in the house. Brian Greely, an 8th grade student said, “Solar power is the best energy because it comes from the sun.” Sharice said, “Fossil fuels are dangerous because they are causing global warming.”

The second exhibit that I saw was made by Brian Greely and Denisha Edmonds. Their house had hydropower because the location oftheir house doesn't get a lot of sun. This house does not use non-renewable energy like natural gas, coal and nuclear oil. These types of fuels are bad for the earth because they cause melting ice in Antarctica. 

The last exhibit that I saw was made by Tyrell Cole. His exhibit  displayed wind energy. The energy comes every time the wind blows windmills and that gives electricity. The windmills cost 3,000 dollars for 4 of them.

So what do you think is the best type of energy? I hope you learned something about healthy types of energy that won't kill the planet.

Briana Johnson, Da’Kalen Anthony and George Barber are 6th grade students at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.