Summer Time Fun, Are You Ready?

Story by Christian Henson. Photo by Google.                      

JUNE 6, 2017: As you know, summer is a very fun and hot season. My favorite seasons are Winter and Summer. I like Winter because you can play in the snow and when you're done you can drink nice hot chocolate. In the summertime, there are also many activities to be engaged in.  You can go to all types of pools like Deanwood, Rosedale or an outdoor pool whichever... you prefer. The pools were officially opened the weekend of Memorial Day. I must admit I’m super excited for pool season. You can also go to all types of splash parks. In my opinion, summer is the best because I get out of school. My family and I also love to go out and explore nature. Some activities we like to do are: walk and running trails, visiting the zoo, and one of my favorites…. picnicking at the park.  Beaches are also great for summer, but you have to make sure you wear sunscreen to protect your skin!

Summer is the best season for ice cream and sandals! Make sure you eat your ice cream quickly or it'll melt.  My favorite flavors are strawberry, vanilla, rainbow sherbet, and cookies and cream. Summer is also great for hanging out with family and friends!

In conclusion, I think that summer is the best and people should enjoy it as much as I do.

Christian Henson a 5th grade scholar at Blow Pierce Academy.