Stop Stressing, Problems Can Be Fixed!

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Story by Marcellus Peters-Jackson. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

DEC. 12, 2018: Many adults and children share the same types of problems but they don’t know how to solve them. I will be sharing with you some ways to help eliminate stress in two areas. Let’s start with bullying. This happens to adults and children every day. This is unfortunate, but it’s true, and these are the things you can do to resolve these problems.

First, you could try to ignore or leave the situation totally. Walking away by leaving the situation will make the bully lose interest and stop the bad behavior. Another way to fix this problem would be to tell someone that you are being mistreated. It is important to let someone know immediately about the situation. For adults, someone could get hurt so it is extremely important to notify a person or an authority figure.

Now let’s talk about another important problem that needs to be fixed—debt! Debt can be very expensive, to the point that people can go crazy. Debt can ruin a family’s finances, and even destroy a family’s relationship.  The stress level of having to pay large amounts of taxes is very high for most adults. Sometimes money is exhausted from years of savings in order to pay debt. One solution that might help lower the stress level from debt is to save up money. Help your parents by thinking before you spend.  Ask yourself, “Do I really need this”? I strongly recommend purchasing things that you need and save for what you want. Adults can get a job with a higher salary. It may even be helpful for adults to work with a financial advisor. They are here to help.

Stay focused and relax as we are closing out the year.

Marcellus Peters-Jackson is a 4th grade scholar at Friendship Woodridge Academy.