Springing Forward

Story by Ayonlah Carter.  Photos by Ayonlah Carter and Google.

MARCH 20, 2017: Going into spring, we said goodbye to old trends, Barack Obama, different styles and old dances. This generation is creating a new and hopefully better tomorrow for the generations to come. If everyone has a positive attitude towards life in general, we can mold this world into a better place. With that being said, let's look over some great and maybe not so great trends from 2016, and then spring forward to 2017.

Trends that need to end

Whipping (Dance) - This trend is sooooo 2014.

Nae Nae (Dance) - This is 2013. It’s time for it to go.

Chokers (Jewelry) -  It was fun, now it’s DONE.

Dabbing (Dance) - This dance has become overrated.

Socks & Sandals (Clothing) - This style was never a good look.

Talking back to your elder's (Lifestyle) - This is not a good look on any person.

Dropping out of school (Lifestyle) - You should want better for yourself and your future.

Cat Ears (Headwear) - Ariana Grande made this popular and now she doesn’t even wear them anymore.

Any iPhone under the 5 (Technology) - Do I even have to explain this.

Soulja Boy (People) - No comment…

Pokemon Go (Gaming) - This was fun for at least one month.

Vine (Apps) - Twitter announces the Vine site will end in 2017.

Trends that will never be outdated

Barack Obama (People) - He will never get old. He is a GOAT (greatest of all time).

Justin Bieber (People) - His personal life shouldn’t matter. His music is still Lit.

Super Mario Run (Gaming) - Mario will NEVER get old.

Twitter (Apps) - Still has a fun use.

Snapchat (Apps) - We are loving the filters especially the dog one.

Instagram (Apps) - The updates just makes Instagram better and better!

Grammys (TV) - What a special way to honor music every year.

Beyonce (People) - Does she really need any explanation?!

Apple (Company) - Everyone raves when they come out with new software.

Crop Tops (Clothing) - These shirts are getting very very creative these days.

Hit Them Folks (Dance) - This new dance craze took over 2015 and 2016.

Nike/Jordan (Shoes) - Everyone is obsessed with these shoes and the new styles.

Spongebob (TV) - The ICONIC best friend duo (Spongebob & Patrick) are hilarious.

Memes (Apps) - You can always relate or laugh at these.    

Ayonlah Carter is a seventh grade scholar at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.