Spotlight on Black History Month

Story and Photo by Nija Lemons.

Did you ever wonder when did Black History month begin?  At Chamberlain we celebrate Black History Month all month. In the picture above you see an MLK art project my class worked on in honor of Black History Month. I did some research and found out that 1976 is when black history month began. You can read more about who invented black history month at the link below. Dr. Woodson was the first man to come up with black history month so really you should mostly thank him.  Read more: 

In all of my classes, we did an activity or project to celebrate Black History Month. In honor of black history month Ms. Jenkins’ third grade class researched and dressed up as people who made a positive change like Rosa Parks and the rules that were changed back in the day because of their actions. We also had class discussion while watching the Chamberlain Black History Poetry Slam.  Some of the students and staff at Chamberlain wrote and presented poems about how black people were treated back in the day and ways they tried to make a difference. In Smart Lab we researched, presented and video taped our presentations on Black Technology experts such as Kimberly Bryant who made a difference and worked in STEM careers.  Every grade at Chamberlain is working on a Black History program that will be held in honor of this special time of year. It will feature Grades PreK through 8 Chamberlain students with a theme that focuses on civil rights.   

This year’s Black History Program topics will include and be presented by the following grades:  PreK3-4: Rosa Parks, Kindergarten- Music of the Civil Rights Movement, 

1st: Medgar Evers 2nd: Ruby Bridges-School Segregation, 3rd: Bus Boycotts, 4th: Martin Luther King Jr., 5th: Sit-in at the Lunch Counters, 6th: Athletes During the Civil Rights Movement, 7th: Malcolm X and 8th: Black Power Movement.   

Who do you celebrate? This year I am celebrating TLC. They are my favorite singing group. Did you know TLC is one of the most popular girl groups who are still making music today. TLC sings about life struggles and has civil rights messages in their music.  The messages in their music encourages people to think about not following bad things or bad people because they can lead you to prison for many years.

TLC launched a kickstarter for their last CD.  In four days their goal was met and their fifth album funded. They believe crowdsourcing is a good step.  TLC wanted to do this project to include their fans in the new music making process.  Did you know in 2000 TLC was one of the first musical groups to partner with MP3.COM to distribute a new song?  To read more go here

This month when you celebrate black history month, take a minute to think about how happy we are because of the people who marched for us long ago and gave us civil rights. They are the main reason we have freedom of speech, press, assembly,the right to vote and more. These are real champions that still inspire us today.  Celebrate Black History today.

Nija Lemons is a 3rd Grade scholar at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.