#Spell Like A Girl Featuring Aniyah Thomas and Kylie Hedgemon

Story by Natalie Lewis, Mya Jackson, Kimora Eubanks and Kyla Smith. Photos by Areeja Smith and Mahjea Wade.

MARCH 20, 2017: Friendship Public Charter School Chamberlain campus held two Spelling Bees this winter. One was for grades 4-8 and one was for grades 1-3. This was the first time that two spelling bees were held. The second contest was for the younger students.  Aniyah Thomas, a sixth grader, competed against over forty students in order to win the title of  Chamberlain Spelling Bee Champion.

The annual Chamberlain Bee (for grades 4-8) was held Tuesday, January 24th, 2017. From the start of the Chamberlain Spelling Bee to the last round, all champions put forth a great effort.  Most were successful in spelling their given word but no one spelled better than Aniah Thomas, our sixth grade spelling champion. A third grade student, Miss  Kylie Hedgemon won the mini Spelling Bee. She competed against close to three dozen first through third grade students.

There were over 47 spelling bee participants in the annual 4th-8th grade spelling bee.  Congratulations to all the participants for qualifying as top spellers in their class.

4th Grade

Tobias Henderson

Denim Johnson

Saniah Hamilton

London Brown

Sabiana little

Marion Grant

Mikayla Thomas

Jasmine Goodwin


5th Grade

Laverne Twitty

Eleina Hamilton

Tyaira Hagar

Mackenzie Burnett

Ibraham Muhammad

Omari Holt

Isaiah Fields

Yaqin Gant

Jamari Watkins


6th Grade

Adreonna Bush

Anthony Delira-Fernandez

Tamiya Forte

Anaya Thomas * the winner*

Tange Mills

TaNiyah Mckenzie

Liam Reid

Kimar Tomlin


7th Grade

Tevin Adams

Ariana Benjamin

Marcel Arrington

Demarcus Brown

Mikeal Middleton

Antoine Gordon

Kamani Pitts

Yahki Lassiter

Demarcus Little

Rishard Stepney


8th Grade

Candice Spruill

MacKenzie Walden Taylor

McKenzie Turner

Ronald McMillan

Amoni Jordan

E’nya Hunter

Serena Cross

Jerry Smith

Marzhane Mabry

Two brilliant young ladies swept the floor with their win at the FPCS Chamberlain Spelling Bee. They both deserved to win as they studied hard and sometimes stayed after school. Did you know, according to wiki.org, that as of 2016, 47 champions of the Scripps National Spelling Bee have been girls and 46 have been boys?  

Natalie Lewis, Mya Jackson, and Kyla Smith are sixth grade scholars and Kimora Eubanks, Areeja Smith, and Mahjea Wade are seventh grade scholars at Friendship Chamberlain Academy.