Southeast TigerBots Go To Robotics Expo

Story by Jania Lindsey and Jaliyah Roane.  Photos by Janiyah Basil.

May 12, 2015. Our Southeast TigerBots were invited to the 2015 Winter Junior First Lego League Robotics Expo in Richmond Virginia. The TigerBots traveled to Richmond to compete in this years expo. The theme was  “Think Tank, Learning Tools”. The TigerBots won the Past Present and Future Certificate for their Information Kiosk project. Their project is on display in the Smart Lab. See Mrs. Jordan in the Smart Lab if you would like to take a look at it, because it’s  pretty cool.

Janiyah Basil is a member of the media team and said this about her trip with the TigerBots,

“The whole thing was a blast—everything from Lego buildings to the electric cars and robots!  Wish we can go back next year.”

Jania Lindsey and Jaliyah Roane are fifth grade scholars and Janiyah Basil is a third grade scholar at friendship Southeast Academy.