Southeast Puts Up Tier 1 Banner

Story by Anijah Foster and Jaliyah Roane. Photo by Devon Williams.

DECEMBER 9, 2014: How did we get the Tier 1 banner? We worked together as a school. We made sure everyone learned. We showed the core values. The teachers showed a very important core value. They showed they cared for us. If they didn’t care for us, we would not be Tier One. The students showed respect. The students respected the teachers.  If the students didn’t respect the teacher, they would not be able to learn. But when I saw the banner it was amazing. I could not believe my eyes. It was the 

best Tier 1 banner we've ever seen. It was so big it could cover two cars.    

Being a Tier 1 school is important because of the type of people we are. No one believes that we could make it, but it is a big improvement for Southeast Academy in Ward 8. The look on our faces was so amazing.  We could not believe it.  We were so amazed because sometimes you set a goal and don’t do it.  We love being a Tier  1 school.

Anijah Foster and Jaliyah Roane are 5th grade scholars a Friendship Southeast Academy.