Sixth Grade Amazing Trip to Luray Caverns

Story by R’Nasia Murphy. Photos by R’Nasia Murphy. Edited by Sean Beach.

NOV. 10, 2016: On October 19, 2016, the sixth graders at Friendship Tech Prep Academy went to Luray Caverns, VA. Luray Caverns has many activities alongside the caves, like rope climbing and the maze. It was a long ride to Luray Cavern’s—about two hours going there and back. When we arrived, we ate lunch. In order for us to get to the caves we had to go through the gift shops. It was very interesting that we had to go through the gift shops but I believe that the store managers wanted people to buy a souvenir as they were going to and out of the caves.

When we were in the caves our tour guide, Ms.Tabi, guided us on the paths. I learned interesting things about the formations. I learned that formations can grow one cubic inch in one-hundred seventy years. Bones were found in the caves of a

Native-American girl. The bones were estimated to be at least seven or eight-hundred years old. They also named one of the formations in the cave the “Princess Column” after the little girl. There are three formations that looked like glowstone, since it was glowing, called Pluto’s Ghost and there was a formation that fell about seven-hundred years ago.

Luray Caverns was founded by five local men on August 13, 1878—Andrew J. Campbell, his 13-year-old nephews Quint and Benton Stebbins and two other unknown men. I also learned that they have a wishing well that they drain each January to hand count the coins.  

After the caves, we went into the the maze. We had to find four checkpoints which was interesting since I’ve never been in a maze before. When we were done with the maze, we went rope climbing. Rope climbing was right next to the maze.  We hooked everything securely. There were many different levels and obstacles on each level.  When I was done, there was a little more time so I went to the maze again. After a while we had to go back to the school. This was a fun and educational experience for me and everyone who went on the trip.

R’Nasia Murphy is a 6th grade scholar and Sean Beach is a 8th grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.