Should Transgender People Have Their Own Bathrooms?

Commentary by Nikyia Rogers. Photo by

FEB. 13, 2017: Should transgender people have their own bathrooms? This is a question that has been debated many times. Should they be allowed in the bathroom of the gender they changed to? Or should transgenders use the bathroom that matches the gender they were born with? Transgenders are people who are born one gender but get surgically changed to another gender.

Transgenders should be able to use any bathroom that they want. It’s not that serious for regular people to care what bathroom transgenders use. Unless they physically do something to another person while in the bathroom, there shouldn’t be a reason to care. They don’t necessarily need their OWN bathrooms.

I have read that there have not been any reports of sexual assaults by transgender people in regular bathrooms. Regular people say that the bathroom you use is based on what genitalia you have, not the one you are most associated with. Transgenders shouldn’t get special treatments just because of the way they look. If you have the body part then you go to that specific bathroom.

In conclusion, transgenders should not have their own bathrooms. They are still regular people and they don’t need special privileges to use the bathroom. For example, if a black male only felt comfortable using the bathroom around black people, then society would say, “Should black males have their own bathrooms?” Bathrooms are to use—not to play or for sexual harassment.

Nikyia Rogers is a sophomore at Friendship Collegiate Academy.