Should School Uniforms be Banned For Good?


Story and Photo By Kiani Bell

JULY 28, 2015: Do you think school uniforms should be banned?

School uniforms restrain students from creativity. The policies can be somewhat annoying and they can be costly. Uniforms are not very pleasant for children to wear. Uniforms can be expensive and restrict children from expressing themselves through clothing. Restrictions on uniform policies can also be very annoying. Students might come to school more and might not have such a negative attitude towards school if there were no more uniforms. School uniforms can be slightly costly and most likely may not be worn again.

Uniforms can sometimes be on the ¨expensive¨ side. For example, a pair of uniform pants might be $25. That necessarily isn’t super expensive, but you most likely won’t wear uniform pants or shirts again outside of school or in a professional work setting. If you were to buy “regular” clothes like jeans or t shirts, you could wear clothing items like that outside of school. If there were not uniforms, 

students would be able to wear clothes that they already have. And parents would also be able to save money because they wouldn't have to buy clothes their child won't wear outside of school.

Uniforms also restrict children from being themselves. At Friendship Collegiate Academy, the uniform code has many restrictions. We can’t wear earrings bigger than a quarter. Sweaters, shoes, and socks have to be a certain color. Students can’t express themselves if they are restricted to wearing the same thing everyday. In college you can wear whatever you want, so why can’t students do the same in high school? If students didn’t wear uniforms, they would be able to express themselves through the clothes they wear.

Students might also have a more positive attitude towards school if they were able to wear the clothes of their choice. At Collegiate, they often get stopped or even sent home for uniform violations.  If there was no uniform policy this could be avoided.

Overall, school uniforms should be banned due to the fact that the uniform code suppresses creativity, can be slightly costly, and may create a negative attitude towards school.

Kiani Bell is a freshmen at Friendship Collegiate Academy.

Do you think Collegiate should get rid of uniforms?
Yes, too expensive.
No, it's preparing us for the real world.
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