Should Middle Schoolers Dissect Real Animals?

Story by La’Rai Sampson Jr. and Dionel Grice. Photo by Sean Beach.

APRIL 28, 2016: Questions have been raised around news articles asking, "Should scholars dissect real animals?” We believe that we as scholars should dissect real animals. We believe that we should dissect real animals because if we don’t, we will never get the real experience with real animals. We also will not get to see what it feels like to observe and see how it works. Friendship Tech Prep 7th grade classes were surveyed and asked, “Should students dissect real animals and why?” 48 out of 55 7th grade students said “yes”. That means that there are only seven 7th graders who believe that we shouldn't dissect real animals. What about you? What do you think about students dissecting real animals? Leave comment below and don’t forget to like us.   

LaRai Sampson, Dionel Grice and Sean Beach are 7th grade scholars at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.