Should Education Be Taken Seriously

Story by Zamieyah Royall. Photo by Nijah Ford.

MAY 2, 2017: Have you ever thought, “Should education be taken seriously?”  Well, you will need an education to go to college to get a degree and a scholarship. You also need an education to be able to read, spell and comprehend. Some people don’t take education seriously because they don’t really care. Another way you can seriously use education is with math, because if you’re at the store and you’re taking thousands of years to figure out how much money you have, then people will see that you don’t really know how to count your money.

Sometimes students don’t take their education seriously. They take it like a joke or either a game to be played, but it is not. Some children really don’t care if they pass or fail. They just think they can pass a grade without getting an education. Some children think that the street will get them to be smart and think that they are better. Some children do not want to go to school. They think that they are born smart or born with an education. Some kids don’t care what their mom says when she tell them to go to school because they have to go to school to get an education. Some children say, “I’m smarter and I know more than you and I have more knowledge than you.” Some people think that if they just go to elementary school, then they’re smarter and know more than anybody. 

Za’Mieyah Royall is a 5th grade scholar at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy