Relationship Problems Ughh!

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Commentary by Zamieyah Royall. Photos by google.

MAR. 28, 2019: Have you seen a lot of couples with problems? Well every relationship goes through things like fights or arguments. As some may know middle school kids have a lot of relationship problems because we are growing up and we go through a lot of things in life.

I know that I go through relationship problems and I am in middle school now. Middle school may seem like it’s hard on relationships because you   work, as well as have a boyfriend and friends. And sometimes relationships can mess with our grades.

People think that some couples are perfect but really they're not because everybody goes through stuff such as arguments. All I want to say was that not everybody is perfect with the relationship problems in middle school. I believe a perfect couple is a couple that has good grades and can focus on their school work as well as each other without getting into a mess.

Zamieyah Royall is a sixth grade scholar at Friendship Blow Pierce Academy.