Quick and Easy Hacks to be Successful While Taking the PARCC

Story by Zhiyah Anderson. Photo from www.msbrownslibrary.com.

MAY 19, 2017: Being a student I know how hard it is to do a big test like the PARCC assessment... especially because you're frustrated and worried that you might be retained in the same grade and fail because of one test.  These are a couple of things that you should look forward to in order to do your very best on the PARCC.

Hack #1:

If you ever took the PARCC, then you know that it’s computer based. So since you have to take Reading/ ELA, then you know that you have to do a lot of typing. You may want to do some typing exercises to get prepared for the writing responses. A good website that I use is www.typing.com.

Hack #2:

Reading is essential to being successful in life so you must read the directions and questions very carefully. Do not start the test before hearing your teacher or administrator. Reading may be boring and you might not want to read or listen to the directions, but without them, you may or may not succeed on the test.

Hack #3:

Make study notes or cards and write down everything that you have learned during the school year. Instead of studying everything that you have learned, study everything that you are still struggling with. For example, in math, I struggle with translations so on my note cards I write down the definition of each and the examples of each problem we did in class.

Zhiyah Anderson is a grade scholar at Friendship Tech Prep Academy.