Queen Bey is 36 !! But Did She Really THINK Her Birthday Would HELP Her City, Houston

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Story by Kamari Byrd.  Photo by etOnline.  

OCT. 25, 2017: Well, happy belated birthday Beyonce, whoo hoo!  Let’s get back to reality. My cousin’s birthday was on Sunday, September 3rd and she doesn't get this much appreciation. See, maybe we posted on Instagram or Facebook or even Snapchat. But Beyonce posted a chain of pictures that look how you look in a video for your birthday, because she was trying to promote the idea that she wanted to donate to Houston for Hurricane Harvey. Try again. I'm sorry Beyonce is “everything”. But this to me was unnecessary.

The full story is that celebrities dressed up like Beyonce in a black off-the-shoulder top with a wide necklace, two pigtails and a black hat and then posted pictures in black and white. Now I'm not being a “hater”, but I just don’t understand why they really did this. I went from one site to another to get the big scoop behind it trying to synthesize the information and kept getting different messages.

All these famous people...Michelle Obama, Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy Carter, Kelly Rowland and so forth did this just to tell her “happy birthday”. Not only that, but the words behind these pictures are "Happy birthday Beyonce from your family and friends”. Are you kidding me? This just does not give a reason why they did it.

#BeyGood Houston cannot explain why you ladies did this because at the end of the day, taking pictures does not help Havery victims. Just donate the money and stop doing things for publicity. If I were one of the people in Houston, I would say,  “Well why are they taking pictures?” Where is the money I was guaranteed because of the damage from Harvey ?”.

Not to rain on anybody’s parade, but I get that celebrities needed the publicity so they decided to raise the money and inform their fans. But are these celebrities donating? If you were in this flooded city, I think you will want to keep seeing pictures of what's going on in Houston, not people making a post to celebrate Beyonce’s birthday because she is from Houston and the city is going down the drain. HELLO! back to reality. Beyonce's birthday has passed so...what you're not going to help anymore? Was it just for that day?

Kamari Byrd is a sophomore at Friendship Collegiate Academy.