PreK Celebrates 100 Days of School

Story and Photos by Paris Dozier

APRIL 23, 2018: Woodridge recently had the 100th day of school! I have a story to tell about it! Sometimes when my parents are unable to come and get me, my great aunt has to pick me up. My aunt likes doing this because her children also attend Woodridge. Well, on the hundredth day of school, I rode to school with her. Now, I thought my costume was cool, but I took a look at theirs and was AMAZED!  It was also kind of hilarious to see the little kids dressed up as old people. `

The 100th day of school is always a fun time at Woodridge. The PreK team usually does it big by having all of the students dress up like they are one hundred years old. This is super exciting because each year parents go above and beyond to make sure that their children are dressed to impress and looking the oldest. Everywhere you turn there’s a child looking like a grandmother or a grandfather with walking canes, glasses, wigs, mustaches, beards, suits, and hats.

It started out as a way to count days with the lower grades, and now it has turned into an all-day event with art projects and math activities. This is a special day when the teachers are teaching the importance of zero. There is a little-stuffed animal character named “Zero the Hero” and he helps all of the students to remember how important the zero is when it comes to ones, tens, hundreds, and counting in base 10.

As you can see from the photos, all of the students were excited about achieving this milestone in the school year. For many, this is their first full year of elementary school!

Paris Dozier is a 3rd grade scholar at Friendship Woodridge Academy.