Poetry Done Wright: Interview with Compton Wright

Story and photo by Flonora Merritt, FNN Alumni Bureau

I managed to catch up with 2010 Collegiate graduate and FNN Alum, Compton Wright. Back in the day, Compton was one of FNN’s top poets.  We spent over an hour IMing on Facebook and found out another dream occupation that Compton is chasing. Here’s how it went….

Flo: What school do you go to? What are you majoring in?  

Comp: The college I'm going to is UDC and I'm majoring in Computer Science.

Flo: What do you plan on using your degree for? What is your dream profession?

Comp: What I plan to do with my degree is to better elevate the conditions of my life, contribute to companies who are making technology that makes life easier and finally, to reach a higher class than the middle class. My dream profession is video game creator. I had this dream for most of my youth. We all have one dream that makes a stepping stone to greater accomplishments.

Flo: This is interesting because I only knew you as a poet. How would your creative side merge with your technological side?

Comp: Well my technological side and my creative side do clash because of limitations and restrictions, but I noticed that when the two blend and twist, the possibilities are endless—from entertainment uses to world changing inventions and ideas. I hope to make a mark in my own way and be happy that I’ve done something incredible.

Flo: How long have you been writing poetry?

Comp: I been writing poetry as a hobby since I was 7, but got more passionate about it at 16 years old and started to write nonstop poetry for both my age group and older. I love poetry! Nothing comes better! Lol.

Flo: There’s 177 poems posted on your Facebook page. Have you thought about publishing a book?

Comp:  Why yes I have! I always wanted to publish a poetry book, but I felt like I'm still improving and learning. Maybe later through the years I will, but until then, I'll continue to write in my composition book and have that be my own published poetry book, lol.

Flo: If I remember correctly, you and your brother Leland both write poetry. Do you guys write separately or have you done some collaborations?

Comp: Yes my brother does write poetry! But we write separately. When we both have the same idea of what we want to write in a poem, we collaborate and they are quite fun! Seeing our different types of writing styles and subject matter come into play becomes really amazing to read and enjoy.

Flo: Who are your inspirations?


Comp: My inspiration was my mentor, Jon London. Although his name has never been heard of, he was a poet who I idolized. My rival turned brother gave me tips and advice how to better my work and made me never give up on being a poet up until the day he’d passed away. I owe it to him for making me the passionate poet I am today. 

Flo: Who are your favorite poets or writers?

Comp: Well, I have only two favorite poets! Langston Hughes and Diamond Minnea.  Both great poets and writers. One is known and the other is a student from Collegiate who is still writing—if not poetry, then her college newspaper columns and front pages.  

Flo: “Spoken Word” appears to be making a comeback. Have you ever done it or plan on doing it?

Comp: Well my spoken word poetry needs work. I won't sit here and lie that it's any good. I am practicing and I might plan on doing it. I want my poetry to be felt—both written and spoken.

Flo: What video game company would you like to work for? Or would you want to start your own?

Comp: I would love to work for Ubisoft and NaughtyDog! I chose those two because both companies are super creative with their games and the storylines behind each one. And of course let's not forget the amount of improvements made on The Drake Uncharted Trilogy, The Assassin Creed Saga and many others! It would be a great learning experience indeed.

Flo: What advice would you offer to all the aspiring poets and writers at Collegiate?

Comp: Keep finding new inspirations to continue your poetry's progress to grow bigger and better, never doubt your works and finally have fun with your poetry! At the end of the day it's supposed to bring you entertainment, comfort and even enjoyment .

Flo: What about those who dream of becoming the next big video game developer?

Comp: Keep playing video games! I know it sounds bad, but my love for video games will be my drive to make much better games that will make people's jaws drop! As gamers we always talk about our suggestions—how to make a game better right?! Then when you make it into the business...make waves and enjoy the game you create for years to come.

There you have it.  Compton is not just an amazing poet, but an aspiring video game developer. It’s just a matter of time before you’ll see this games in retail stores. Even though the gaming industry is a competitive field, I have no doubt that my fellow FNN alum will make a huge impact in the business. If not, he can always be one of the most prolific poets of our generation. To get a taste of his talent, follow these links to our archive site.  






Flonora Merritt is a 2008 graduate of FCA, 2011 Magna Cum Laude graduate of Trinity Washington University, 2014 Alpha Phi Sigma graduate of Boston University and current Webmaster and FNN Facilitator at Friendship Collegiate Academy.